D.C. Trip: Thursday
February 16, 2009, 4:06 pm
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I’m a few days behind on my blogging about the trip. So far, in fact, that now I’m back in Seattle. But, partly to satisfy the popular demand, I’ll keep posting like I have been.

Thursday started differently than the prior days because Lisa and I rode the Metro into Washington together. She and her fellow SPLC interns were hitting the town to see the special Abraham Lincoln displays on his 200th birthday. I took up the invitation to tag along — at least of some of the tour.

Our first stop was the infamous Ford’s Theatre, where Lincoln was shot, to pick up some tickets for a pageant-thingy I didn’t attend. But I went with them to the theater, planning to break off within an hour to start on my own plans. But our plans were slightly delayed when we saw Al Roker walking through the theater lobby. (Actually, we had our doubts it was him until one of his producers came up to us outside and asked if we wanted to be on the Today show.)

We didn’t end up on TV — a few dozen grade-school kids trump a few well-dressed young professionals. But we watched him do his 30-second live broadcast. I took some video on Lisa’s Flip camera, but she and I were too lazy to post it.


After our obligatory Starbucks stop, I left the ladies to their own devices and strolled up to NPR headquarters for a tour. (They only do them once a week, at 11 a.m. on Thursdays.) The tour was interesting enough — we saw their studios, their newsrooms, their library and their archives. Saw no one famous. Saw no broadcasts.

After meeting up with Lisa and Co. for lunch, I headed off to the National Museum of American History — the one you probably think of when you think of the Smithsonian. Not all the exhibits were open, because the museum recently (nearly a year ago, actually) reopened after renovations. But the Lincoln exhibit (for which I met up with the SPLC ladies again), the Star Spangled Banner and the Hanford exhibit were pretty cool. (Stephen Colbert had also loaned his portrait-within-a-portrait-within-a-portrait to the museum.)

The crowds and kids started to get to me, so I left to meet up with Lisa and folks at a coffee shop east of the Capitol, then we topped it off with happy hour. A nice, low-key ending to a busy day.


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