D.C. Trip: Tuesday
February 12, 2009, 8:27 pm
Filed under: Adventure, Travel

ARLINGTON, Va. — I began Tuesday with a tour of the Capitol. The tour was about what you’d expect — explanations of the paintings, the sculptures, random building facts. All that was fine. But the cool part, hands down, was watching the Senate.

I had gotten next-day Senate and House gallery passes Monday from Sen. Patty Murray’s office, and not a day too soon. As you probably know, the Senate was scheduled to vote Tuesday on its economic stimulus plan. It just happened to coincide beautifully with my visit to the Capitol.

So at noon I watched the senators vote on their two stimulus bills. I’d seen it all before on C-SPAN, but it was fascinating to be there, watching our government actually at work. I saw Murray, Maria Cantwell, Ted Kennedy, John McCain, John Kerry, Joe Lieberman, Roland Burris and a bunch more. The gallery was pretty packed — and up with us were the Gallery Nazis, making sure no one put their hands on the railing, talked, slept, read pamplets, wrote, anything.

I couldn’t take pictures in there, let alone any electronics (not even car-key beepers). But I have a few from the rest of the day. My Tuesday itinerary was as follows:

  1. Capitol tour, including Senate and House galleries
  2. National Gallery of Art

That’s it.


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