On second thought, I’m impressed
December 19, 2008, 1:31 pm
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The other day I wrote about how I felt ambivalent about The Spokesman-Review’s finally-launched new website. Well, today I am comfortable saying that I am impressed.

The Spokesman’s effort in reporting and presenting this week’s snow storm is commendable. With 25 percent fewer newsroom employees than last year, the Spokesman folks regularly updated thier written stories, took 40-plus photos, shot a video (that was Colin), recorded audio interviews and posted PDFs.

And all of it is easily accessible on the Spokesman’s new website.

That’s a link to Thursday’s story. Today’s story doesn’t have video but does have PDFs. Doesn’t look like too many people have caught on yet to the ability to comment — though a few have on SportsLink. The majority seemed hesitant about having to get used to a new website, and gone is the old backdoor through which people could read an entire news story, without being a subscriber, if they were linked to it from SportsLink.

Give ’em time. For big stories like the snow storm, the new multimedia-friendly web design is just great.


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Glad you like it, Nick, and sure wish you were still producing content for it.

In that other post, you remarked that we’d finally gotten to the place where we’re looking like other modern news sites. In a lot of ways I agree with you. I think there are a few things we’re doing that are pretty cool, though, even if they make take a while to catch on.

The tagging, for instance, which lets us instantly put together cross-media sections like this. And the filterable live stream, which is about my favorite thing. And when you combine the two of those things … if you have a user account you can “favorite” tags and get a personalized news stream on your profile page.

Anyway, if you have a chance to play around with any of these features, I’d be curious what you think.

Comment by Ryan

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