Jeez. Finally.
December 17, 2008, 11:16 am
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Looks like The Spokesman-Review’s new website is finally up and running. I questioned whether this day would ever actually come.

Unfortunately, when I opened up and saw the refer to this morning, I became instantly agitated. Why, I’m not sure. I feel a little left out, yes, but more ambivalent. I think because I waited so long for this while I was there — my excitement waning each time the launch was postponed. Now I’m gone, along with most of the other journalists doing video, and there’s not really anything newfangled to post on this newfangled site.

Nice to see, however, that the Spokesman’s flag is at the top, instead of plain text. And it looks like most of the advertising spaces are filled. Also, I’m glad Colin Mulvany has been able to put together a few videos.

But welcome to the 21st century, Spokesman-Review. Your website now looks like every other newspaper’s, except for the cutting-edge navigation system conveniently located near the top of the page.

I know a lot of hard work went into the new website, and I know the people who did it. And I thoroughly commend them; it was a frustrating ride for even me, way on the outside of the process. The new website looks and functions great — it really does — but it’s not really anything new. Which, ya know, at this point is just fine.

Now, Spokesmen and Spokeswomen, take this new site and run with it. Seize the opportunity and make some great journalism. There may not be much time left to do so. (Boy, that sounded cynical.)


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