Moving back West
November 12, 2008, 11:04 pm
Filed under: Sea Change

I suppose it’s time for another update on what I’m doing. I’ve decided to move back to Seattle sooner rather than later — meaning Monday. I’ve been slowly packing up the apartment this week, ready to load it all into a U-Haul trailer Sunday.

My step-dad, Brad, is flying out Monday morning to help me drive back to Seattle that afternoon. I’m assuming he’ll be driving the Suburban+U-Haul, because I also have my Subaru, but I wouldn’t mind if we did it the other way around.

Good thing I haven’t sold the Beast yet; I can’t tow the trailer with my car. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been trying to sell it. If only Craigslist were working as well for my Suburban as it has this week for some other stuff.

Because of the move, I decided to get rid of my old TV/surround sound set-up and my old couch/ottoman. I listed them both on Craiglist, and they were both gone within 24 hours. It was unreal. Sold the TV, DVD player and speakers for $100. Gave away the couch for free.

So now it’s pretty empty in the living room, especially now that I’ve packed up all my books. There’s just empty bookshelves standing in a very echo-y room, along with my dining-room table. It makes these last few days in Spokane even lonelier.


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You should make it down to Tacoma if you can. But I do go to Seattle pretty much every weekend and some days during the week, let me know when you’re free.

Comment by beverstine

First the Spokesman now Spokane loses another bright young mind…

If I’d been watching Craigslist I would have scooped up that TV/DVD/speaker combo too.

Comment by Andrew

Hope the trip went well. I expect you to hit Grays Harbor sometime soon. Take care.

Comment by jonesdaily

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