High up in the sky
November 10, 2008, 12:37 am
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There’s nothing like a long road trip to make you appreciate air travel. I’ve been known to hate flying on the airlines, but my trip back to Spokane from Minneapolis was pretty much hassle-free — and decidedly quicker than the trip east.

The trip was bookended by very American experiences. On our two-day drive from Spokane to Minneapolis, Lisa mentioned that traveling across our massive country reminded her of the pioneers. Of course, they took months to cross the West in ox-drawn “praire schooners.” We were in a Chevy Cavalier powered by internal combustion.

The other American experience was when Lisa and I visited the Mall of America on the way to the airport Saturday. It actually didn’t seem all that huge from the outside, just like a typical mall. Then you go inside, and you realize there’s three floors jam-packed with stores — and an amusement park in the center. Naturally, the only money we spent there was at Starbucks.

My trip back to Spokane was less remarkable of an experience, which I suppose is a good thing when it comes to air travel. The flight from Minneapolis to Seattle was delayed about 20 minutes — not sure why, probably just airport congestion. Luckily my connection to Spokane was also delayed 20 minutes — because the scheduled copilot (or, as they like to be called these days, First Officer) got sick and Horizon had to find another one.

Fun facts: Alaska Airlines now offers personal DVD players for rent during flights; they also no longer accept cash for food or alcohol, just credit cards; and Horizon Air offers beer and wine for free.


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Beer and wine for free? Maybe I won’t be making my Thanksgiving trip to the west by car…

Comment by Andrew

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