Here’s to change. Finally.
November 5, 2008, 5:40 pm
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MAPLE GROVE, Minn. — There was a point during Barack Obama’s acceptance speech last night when the camera focused on an American flag behind him. It was the first time in about five years that I felt proud to see the stars and stripes.

For years, the American flag has stood for things I don’t stand for. Finally, with the results of this election, the Star-spangled Banner now represents hope, it represents promise, it represents progress. It’s time to move forward from the past eight years of corporatism and failed governance. It’s time for America to be the country it can and should be.

We can finally catch up to the rest of the world in dealing with climate change, human rights and peacekeeping. And now we have the opportunity not just to march with the progressive world, but to lead it — in a good way.

I’m joyful that a majority of Americans feel the same way I do. With the 2004 election, I lost faith in a lot of my fellow Americans for re-electing Bush. Finally, the country is starting to wake up and see what a bad position we are in, and see how we can best try to fix it.

As a journalist, I am supposed to remain outwardly neutral in politics. I realize this blog post may appear to overstep those bounds. But, to me, this election was not about politics or partisanship, but about progress. Few people can dispute that the Bush administration turned out to be a horrible choice for this country and the world. It was time for change, and it finally has come.

I consider myself neither a Republican nor a Democrat. But I do consider myself a supporter of progressiveness, social advancement and global responsibility. And, hence, I consider myself a supporter of Obama’s promises.

Thank you, American voters, for restoring my faith in this country.


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I remember your post from 4 years ago — the disappointment, the disbelief. How wonderful that now, “at this time, in this place” you can write something equally eloquent, but hopeful.

Comment by beachdrsw

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