What says ‘summer’ more than baseball?
June 22, 2008, 10:06 pm
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Spokane IndiansThe Spokane Indians started their baseball season Tuesday, which means for the next three months — at least while the team is in town — I will be at the ballpark every evening. For those of you who aren’t privy to the Indians, they are a short-season Class-A minor league team for the Texas Rangers. If you don’t know what that means … well, simply put, the Indians are pro baseball players, but play four levels below major leaguers.

I sit up in the press box at Avista Stadium and watch baseball. And crack jokes. And eat sunflower seeds. And keep score on one of these. And then scramble to write a story and get quotes before deadline at 10:15 p.m. Often I’m writing during the game, just to make things easier. It’s actually fairly stressful by the end of the night and I’m quite tired when I get back home.

But to me, having grown up a huge Seattle Mariners fan (they suck now, if you haven’t noticed), nothing says “summer” more than baseball. Warm nights, going to the stadium, eating a hot dog, watching for foul balls. There’s something very pure and American about going to the ballpark. And, so far, it’s been mostly fun to go every night.

There are drawbacks. For instance, Lisa works all day then I work all evening, so we barely see each other during the week. And deadline is so early that I’m rooting for 15-0 blowouts every evening, which doesn’t make for very exciting baseball; the close games are better, though five home runs in a night has its excitement factor.

On Friday night, after the game, they played “The Sandlot” on a big screen in the parking lot. It reminded me of days when I was a little kid, one of hundreds dreaming to someday be a professional baseball player. (Yes, I had that dream, though maybe for a much shorter period of time than other little boys.) It felt like summer.


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I was going to link to the same picture of “The Double” when I mentioned Griffey, but I was lazy.
I used to go to Indians games all the time to pick up the ladies.
It never worked. :(

Comment by beverstine

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