The time has come for a gas-prices complaint
June 16, 2008, 10:09 am
Filed under: Random

I’ve been withholding a post like this for quite some time, not wanting to sound like a whiner when I still choose to drive around my beast of a Suburban. But these gas prices, if you haven’t noticed, suck.

You know how gas stations used to have a $75 limit per purchase at the pump? Well, I have to admit, I noticed the very week most gas stations raised the ceiling. Two or three months ago, I was maxing out that $75 limit, but usually filling my tank almost all the way.

Now the limit is $99. And it’s not like someone happened to tell me the limit is now that high. I found out for myself.

It’s really time for a different car.


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So, while inspiration is fresh, can you come up with one or two gas-price stories we haven’t done yet? Me neither.

Comment by Andrew Zahler

Oh wow…I didn’t even know there was an at-the-pump limit. Wait a minute, I’m sure that comment doesn’t make you feel any better! Sorry and yeah, the prices suck.

Comment by Cassandra Rae

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