Lots of learning, lots of time
June 13, 2008, 3:55 pm
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With every video I produce, I feel, I get a little better. Each video is a little more polished, and if you look at my first video and take a look at my latest (below), you should be able to see a bit of a difference. (If you can’t get through the Spokesman’s firewall to see the first video, take a look at my second one.)

However, my production time is still long as hell. Now, I’m not complaining here, just saying. The video below, on Spokane’s Avista Stadium, took me about an hour to shoot and 10 hours to edit (including laying down the voiceover). My two-minute video on the Swoop tryouts took me two hours to shoot and seven to edit.

Much of the reason this stadium one took me so long is because I tried two new things with it. First, I did a voiceover, which really wasn’t that hard. It just took some time. Second, I used still images, and had to learn how to put them in motion. Also, I color-corrected every shot.

I can’t imagine editing a feature film.


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Hey Nick, I saw your site on Colin’s blog, and also our intern, Keith Chaplin, pointed me here.

Don’t let the production time intimidate you. Like you said, you tried two new things with this one. The next time you try it will go much smoother.

A 3-minute audio piece takes me about 15-45 minutes, but when I first started it took me about three or four hours just to learn how to use the program (GarageBand).

Comment by Kate Martin

Nick. Very nice work on the Avista stadium vid. I liked the synchronization of images and sound when the music came in. Also, very solid footage and images all around. Can’t wait till Sports cuts you loose to do mostly video.

Comment by Andrew Zahler

[…] sit up in the press box at Avista Stadium and watch baseball. And crack jokes. And eat sunflower seeds. And keep score on one of these. And […]

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