Vintage Seattle
June 6, 2008, 7:38 pm
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UPDATED 6/9/08: Cliffe, from, commented on this post that there’s a new skyline post on his blog from 1979. So, look at the four skyscrapers Seattle had just 30 years ago.

I stumbled upon this blog via Victor‘s blogroll … and it rocks. It’s a goldmine of awesome pictures and information about the history of Seattle. Most interesting, to me, is seeing how the city’s skyline has changed in just a short 50 years.


Also, for the hell of it, an art deco version of Seattle:


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Hey Nick,

Thanks for the link. Very timely — just posted a skyline photo from ’79:

Gonna check out your blog now. Take it easy.


Comment by Cliffe

As (essentially) a Portlander, I didn’t really know Seattle had grown so fantastically.

It also reminds me I’ve slouched on my RSS reading that I’d miss something so awesome from Vintage Seattle.

Comment by torhatestheinternet

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