Blending the media
June 5, 2008, 11:46 am
Filed under: Football, Technology, Video

My most recent assignment from my editor was to experiment with what we can do for the Spokane sports teams on video. His edict was to try something with a beat reporter on camera, telling the viewer about whatever team the reporter covers.

Apparently, the two youngest reporters on the sports desk are the only ones who were — at least the other day — open to experimenting. So Jessica Brown and I set off to make a video on the Spokane Shock arena football 2 team. This is what we came up with.

It’s very much like a TV report — but better (in my opinion). It gives readers the chance to put a face with a byline, and it solidifies that reporter’s position as an authority on the subject. Jessica did a great job, but many reporters would not be so good in front of a camera or doing voice over. It’s also longer and more in-depth than a 30-second TV spot.

Then again, it’s very much like a TV report. Is this really innovative for newspapers to do, or are we just recycling an older form of video and posting it on our website? Most everyone in the newsroom this morning loved the video, and most of the readers did, too. But is it the best we can do?

That’s why I’m viewing all of this as an experiment, just like my editor said. We’ll see what works. This apparently does, but maybe something else will work even better.


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