Move-out complete
May 31, 2008, 2:45 pm
Filed under: Sea Change

PULLMAN — No longer my home is this town. Lisa (graciously) and I just finished cleaning my old apartment here and I locked my key inside. It’s still dirty, yes, but we swept and wiped down just about everything. Now, it’s time for the professionals to give it a go.

Now I’m typing at the Evergreen newsroom — something I’ve done a fair bit.

It has yet to sink in that I’m living in Spokane again. The new apartment is so big and nice that I sometimes feel I’m house-sitting for somebody else. I think it’ll all come together once we hang art.

To catch everybody up:

On Tuesday, movers came to the Pullman apartment and loaded all of my stuff into their truck. After about two hours, we were on the road — Lisa holding my fishbowl (plus fish) the entire drive — to Spokane. Two hours of unloading later, we were completely moved into our new South Hill flat. Surrounded by dozens of boxes.

My friend Matt unannouncedly dropped by that afternoon on his new (well, new for him) motorcycle — which, for those of you who know Matt (very few of you), is fitting yet terrifying. He helped me move some stuff around the living room to get the proper layout.

Wednesday was full of errands — and not too many, which was why it was somewhat weird that Lisa and I got so worn out that day. A few hundred dollars later, we were back in our apartment, ready to collapse. Hard work, this moving thing.

On Thursday, I headed into work. Back in the downtown Spokesman newsroom! I suppose I’ll write more about that in a separate post. Friday was more of the same — some work, some moving, some collapsing.

Now it’s Saturday and we’re on the road. I have work tonight at 8 p.m. (gotta be there early), so we won’t be here much longer. I still want to hang some pictures and unpack some random crap in Spokane.

The Comcast guy will be swinging by the apartment Monday to install internet, so until then, adieu.


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