It’s officially official … officially
May 21, 2008, 5:30 pm
Filed under: Sea Change

Today I scheduled Spokane Movers for next Wednesday, May 28, to move me up to Spokane. I used the same company when I moved to Pullman in December, and I liked the guys. It’s a fairly small local moving company, and that’s what I like about it.

I got the go-ahead from my landlord that I can move in after he cleans the place up this weekend. He is also completing painting the exterior of the house. Since he’ll be in Spokane, I’ll be signing the lease and whatnot Friday when I’m in town.

I’ve notified my bosses that I’ll be moving, and that they’ll be seeing an expense voucher soon for the price of the movers. It’s all set on the work front.

So, all I need to do now is, well, just about everything.

  • Finish packing. I’ve already done a fair amount.
  • Change my mailing address on everything — S-R, Esquire, Sports Illustrated, etc. — and leave a forwarding address with the post office so I get my tax return and economic stimulus check.
  • Change my billing address for my Visa card.
  • Call my insurance agent to get my new apartment insured.
  • Register my new address with the Department of Licensing so my Suburban is registered at the correct residence.
  • Reactivate my old Avista account for my new apartment.
  • Either cancel my Dish Network account and open one with Comcast, or notify Dish Network that I’m moving so they can install a satellite dish at my new apartment. (This requires finding out if I can put up a dish.)
  • Depending on the above step, I may need to open a Comcast account for internet access.
  • All the stuff I forgot to list here.

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