A Wikiwandering adventure
May 21, 2008, 2:21 pm
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I have been referring to it as “Wikiwandering.” It’s when you look up something on Wikipedia and wind up navigating the website for hours, clicking link after link, as curiosity determines. Don’t tell me you haven’t found yourself on the Zeppelin entry after four hours on Wikipedia that started with the Freemasonry entry. (Uh, I swear I didn’t do that!)

The only rule here is that I have to follow links; I can’t just decide at some point to search for something completely unrelated.

Anyway…. Without further ado, behold! My most recent Wikiwandering adventure

EDIT: I surfed through this list over the course of three days. So, no, I have not just been wasting my time on the internet.

  1. Apollo program
  2. National Air and Space Museum
  3. Spacecraft
  4. Starship
  5. Project Daedalus
  6. Fusion rocket
  7. Project Longshot
  8. International Space Station
  9. Expedition 17
  10. Progress spacecraft
  11. Soyuz launch vehicle
  12. Baikonur Cosmodro
  13. Nedelin catastrophe
  14. Commonwealth of Independent State
  15. Plesetsk Cosmodrome
  16. Guiana Space Centre
  17. Paris Fire Brigade
  18. Napoléon Bonaparte
  19. Republic of Genoa
  20. Historical states of Italy
  21. Etruscan civilization
  22. Etruscan mythology
  23. Hermes
  24. Linear B
  25. Linear A
  26. Mycenaean Greece
  27. Bronze Age
  28. Three-age system
  29. Iron Age
  30. Stone Age
  31. Last glacial period
  32. Quaternary glaciation
  33. Post-glacial rebound
  34. Kvarken
  35. Thames Barrier
  36. Datum
  37. Geodesy
  38. Surveying
  39. Cadastre
  40. Map
  41. Dymaxion map
  42. Buckminster Fuller
  43. Dymaxion house
  44. Geodesic dome
  45. Tensegrity
  46. Kingdome
  47. Dome
  48. Hagia Sophia
  49. Iconostasis
  50. Icon (religious)
  51. Catacombs of Rome
  52. Rome
  53. Enclave and exclave
  54. Kaliningrad
  55. List of countries that border only one other country
  56. Oresund Bridge
  57. Separation barrier
  58. Adhamiya
  59. Belfast Peace Lines
  60. Kuwait-Iraq barrier
  61. United States–Mexico barrier
  62. Via Anelli Wall
  63. Cyprus
  64. Berlin Wall
  65. Checkpoint Charlie
  66. NATO phonetic alphabet
  67. International maritime signal flags
  68. Procedure word
  69. Radio station
  70. Crystal radio receiver
  71. Call sign (radio)
  72. Aviator call sign
  73. Douglas Corrigan [clever…]
  74. Howard Hughes
  75. Hughes H-1 Racer
  76. Constant speed propeller
  77. Variable pitch propeller
  78. Smithsonian Institution
  79. Pacific Railroad Surveys
  80. Northern Pacific Railway
  81. Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway
  82. Snake River
  83. Lower Granite Lock and Dam
  84. Bonneville Power Administration
  85. Columbia Generating Station
  86. Hanford Site
  87. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  88. Starlight Information Visualization System
  89. United States Atomic Energy Commission
  90. Manhattan Project
  91. United States Army Corps of Engineers
  92. National Road
  93. The Pentagon
  94. Cross Florida Barge Canal
  95. Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center
  96. Space Task Group
  97. Langley Research Center
  98. Lunar Landing Research Facility
  99. Lunar Landing Research Vehicle
  100. Apollo program

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Linear A was so much cooler than Linear B.

What’s disturbing is that I know what both of those are because I’ve been on similar journeys.

Comment by torhatestheinternet

I borrowed your computer for a few minutes when you were on Rome (No. 52), and I took a sidewander to “Tor Vergata” because I wanted to know what it meant, but it never had a translation. I did learn through F12 that “tor” means a rocky peak.

Comment by Lisa Waananen

[…] whether their friends have written any new blog posts? Are they checking Facebook daily? Are they Wikiwandering just because it’s […]

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