Wow, the Moon
May 19, 2008, 11:35 pm
Filed under: Random

Dude. You know what’s cool? Science.

No, I’m not stoned. Recently I’ve gone on a bender of revisiting one of my old fascinations: space travel, namely the Apollo missions to the Moon. It’s been the subject of a few of my most recent “Wikiwandering” episodes.

So these past few days, as the Moon as been nearly full and the skies have been clear, I’ve looked up at the Moon and thought, “wow.” We sent people up there back when we were using slide rules, when a computer as powerful as my laptop would have barely fit inside a building.

And we left all this junk up there. And it’s still there!

The Moon, as you might guess, photographed from my porch tonight.


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This is why we should wear hard hats.

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