To Seattle and back
May 14, 2008, 4:09 pm
Filed under: Adventure, Rowing

UPDATED 10 p.m.

Shoot! I should have updated while in Seattle, so I could use a Seattle dateline. Well, the trip was too fun to muddle up with blogging.

To make a long story short, Lisa and I drove to Seattle for the weekend. The motivation was two-fold: 1) to surprise my mom on Mother’s Day, and 2) to get away from Pullman for a change. We were successful on both accounts.

I have little to say here, because Lisa has all the photos, except that we went and we had fun. A little family time, a little time with friends, a little time exploring the city, a little time running (and falling), a little (a lot of?) time showing Lisa my old rowing waters.

That reminds me: I did take one picture, when we were out on the coach’s launch (my friend Bigelow coaches at our old rowing club) during crew practice Monday. The rigger on this Hudson double snapped (along a repair weld). This rarely happens; I’d never seen it before. Before it broke, this shell also flipped with two novice rowers in it. They got back in and ended up shivering the rest of practice.


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