Apartment woes, hoorays
May 8, 2008, 9:48 pm
Filed under: Adventure, Sea Change

I mentioned a few posts ago my original Spokane apartment fell through. Here’s what happened.

ACT 1: Last week, the landlord called me to find out what I was thinking. I told her I really liked the apartment, but I was wondering if I could split May rent with them, since I wouldn’t need to move in until about a week before June 1. She said she’d have to check with her husband, but if he said yes would I commit to the apartment? I said yes.

A few minutes later, she called back and said I could pay half May rent. Awesome. Done deal. Under the above agreement, the place was mine.

All I needed to do, she said, was fill out an application and send her a check. She said I could fax it, but when I told her I’d be up in Spokane for Bloomsday, she said that was great and I could drop it all by then.

Fast-forward to Sunday, after I was done working Bloomsday and was ready to zip over to the apartment. I called her, left a message, and walked to my car. (The landlord often didn’t answer her phone then immediately called me back.) I didn’t hear from her for a while, so I eventually left to drive back to Pullman.

Once I got into Pullman and, hence, a place with cell signal, I had a message from the landlord. She had already rented the place because I hadn’t given her the application and check.

WHAT? I was so pissed. I called her back (left a message of course) saying I was very disappointed and that I would have expected a call from her before she rented it.

ACT 2: I got on Craigslist again to start looking for apartments and called back (left a message for) the landlord of another place I looked at two weeks ago (Option 1 in this post). There was absolutely nothing good on Craigslist, so I was crossing my fingers the place I liked was available.

Finally, I heard back from the guy. Yes, it is still available. Great, I said. I want it. (Of course, orally committing was after a few hours of looking at my finances — because this place is $145 more per month than the original place — and realizing I could afford it.)

ACT 3: Last night, I filled out an application, holding agreement and check for this new place. Today, I went to Kinko’s and copied and scanned them all, so I could e-mail the files as proof that I have the originals on their way in the mail. If everything checks through, I get this one.

Just like in the last post, here’s a bird’s-eye view of the last one courtesy of Google Earth. Also, here is its listing on Craigslist.


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