Apartment hunting in Spokane
April 27, 2008, 6:05 pm
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I took a day trip up to Spokane today to check out four apartments I found on Craigslist. If you don’t remember, I’m moving back to the big metropolis.

My current place in Pullman has spoiled me a bit. I’m not looking at apartment complexes or buildings that have more than three units in them. And I’m looking for two-bedroom apartments that have a dishwasher and on-site laundry machines. A nice kitchen, a nice bathroom and a balcony/deck/patio are also preferred.

All of the apartments I checked out today were on the South Hill. I’ve decided I don’t want to live back in Browne’s Addition. While my time there might have been fairly short, I feel I’ve been there, done that.

One is a lovely remodeled apartment in an older house just a few blocks from Brian‘s parents on 14th. It’s huge, has an amazing kitchen, on-site laundry, plenty of parking and huge windows. Very nice. Also very expensive at $895 a month. It is also perhaps a little too big for me. But if $895 weren’t right at my self-imposed affordability ceiling, I could probably find a way to make it work.

The second one I looked at turned out to be my favorite. While it’s not as sparkly as the remodeled one near Brian’s house, it was more the size I’d like and is still very nice. It has a big balcony that overlooks a nice backyard with a water feature. The owners live in the main-floor apartment; the available apartment is the top floor (out of two). One of the great features is it has a washer and dryer right in the unit. And rent is a more-manageable $745.

The third place I scoped out is on the same block as the Rosauer’s on Lincoln and 14th, for those of you who know where that is. It’s OK — big enough but kinda looks like it was patched together over the course of 30 years. It has a small in-the-wall oven (WTF?) and a dumpy patio out back. It does, however, have a garage that would probably fit my Beast, and that connects to the apartment through the main bedroom (also WTF?). The rent was $750.

On my way to the fourth place, I drove by a house for rent right near Manito Park, on South Grand. The tenants, who are on their way out, were there cleaning and were nice enough to give an impromptu tour. I gave them absolutely no warning — just walked up and knocked on the door. The house is kinda cool in that it is an entire house for rent, with a patio and a basement, but it I don’t really think I need a house right now. The rent was the cheapest I saw today — $725 — but that is because water/sewage/garbage is not included and it has expensive oil heating. Not gas, but oil. Strange. Apparently, that amounts to about $300 every month and a half.

Finally, I checked out a house in a nice neighborhood on the South Hill. It’s on 18th kinda near Ray, if that means anything to you — if it doesn’t, just know that’s kinda far away from downtown. The outside needs a paint job, but the inside is really nice. There isn’t a dining area for my big dining room table, but I could put it in the living room and put my couch and TV down in the finished basement. It would be a pretty cool entertainment room. But I realized the house was a bit out of my league when the owner took me out back. The house has a big backyard and is obviously meant for a family. The rent is $850 and doesn’t include water/sewage/garbage/heat/electricity.

So, Option 2 is looking like my best bet right now. It’s not some grand palace or a family home. It’s just what I need, and it’s nice. It may not have hardwood floors, but carpet is nice on bare feet. And the owners downstairs were cool.

Obviously, I don’t have to make a decision immediately. I’ll keep ya’ll posted.


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[…] for filling out the applications and whatnot, I have committed to the apartment I liked most (Option 2) in Spokane. I negotiated to pay just half of May rent, since I’ll still be living in Pullman […]

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