Hopefully this is it for a while
April 17, 2008, 9:05 am
Filed under: Challenge, Technology

As far as I can tell, my Suburban is now fixed.

I got an intake valve replaced Wednesday to fix the leak that had coolant bubbling out of my engine block. Because I gave them so much money the other day, and because they didn’t think the valve would need to be replaced, they gave me a flat rate of $300 to finish up the work. After tax, I paid $323.

That brings my total for this round of repairs up to $1,074.

If you take the perspective that I traded my parents a can of Cougar Gold for the Beast (yes, there’s a story there), $1,074 for a car doesn’t seem that much. Also, the original $751 was for repairs my car needed anyway.

In December, mechanics at a shop in Spokane told me I would need to replace my radiator soon. I gambled and stretched my old one as long as I could. Presumably, my car’s subsequent overheating this past weekend blew the intake valve in the engine. So, one could argue that my gambling cost me $323.

That’s better than most people’s trips to Las Vegas. (Or is it Los Vegas?)

EDIT: Oh, the story about the Cougar Gold.

When I was home in Seattle this winter, my step-dad, Brad, signed the Beast’s title over into my name. The idea was they were just giving it to me, which was awesome. However, the cost of a new title was $20, which I didn’t have when Brad and I were at the licensing place.

I had just brought him a can of Cougar Gold from Pullman. Those cost about $22. So, I didn’t pay him back for the $20 title, and he didn’t pay me back for the cheese.

I traded a can of Cougar Gold for my Suburban.


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