Beast in the shop, outlook grim
April 14, 2008, 1:21 pm
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What’s happening to us, Jacob?

First, Jake’s old, reliable (really?) ’66 Tempest broke down a few weeks ago. Now it’s my ’88 Suburban’s turn.

On Saturday, my truck started overheating. Pretty bad. The temperature gauge was reaching way past the “oh crap” point and the radiator was steaming and smelling like hot coolant.

So on Sunday, I poured more engine coolant in. Not enough. I added another gallon of water. Perfect.

I turned the engine on and green water started bubbling out of the engine block, near the intake manifold. NOT A GOOD SIGN. That’s, uh, not just your average $200 brakes fix.

That’s what I did on Wednesday. I took my Beast to Les Schwab (I didn’t get any free beef) to get my brake pads fixed. Of course, as soon as I fix something on my car, something way worse goes wrong.

So today my Suburban is in the shop. I’m crossing my fingers the damage isn’t too bad. Hopefully just a couple-hundred dollars.

With this new issue, here’s what’s currently wrong with my truck — which only has 123,000 miles on it:

  • The radiator is shot (it seems).
  • Something is wrong with the transmission, some Spokane mechanic told me.
  • The air conditioner is busted and, hence, disconnected.
  • I think the rest of the air system is wonky — doesn’t warm up.
  • Needs an oil change (which is easy).
  • The parking break doesn’t work (and hasn’t for seven years).
  • Probably some other horrible stuff.

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That sucks. My dad cracked my car’s chest yesterday and said a piston had pounded itself to pieces, which ”rained” out when he opened the chamber.

Good luck getting back on the road. I feel your pain.

Comment by jonesdaily

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