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March 22, 2008, 11:26 am
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DENVER — So, a lot has happened since my last real post.

On Wednesday, we had a “free day” without any basketball games. That didn’t mean we didn’t work. Assigned an A1 (front-page) story for the general audience to be printed in Thursday’s paper, I wrote this feature on Daven Harmeling and Caleb Forrest, two junior guards who grew up in Colorado (and the only Colorado natives playing in Denver this week).

Of course, I already posted about that — and my troubles with the NCAA’s video policy.

The next day, the Cougars whooped Winthrop in their first-round game here at the Pepsi Center. The first half was a little dicey (the teams were tied at 29 going into the locker room), but the second half was a WSU blowout.

Links: Quick gamer. Post-game video.

If you look, the video solution worked beautifully. The audio came in a bit hot (and, for some reason, I can’t turn down the incoming audio in Final Cut Express), but that problem seemed to be fixed Friday (I’ll get to that in a bit).

  • Thursday’s overheard comments of the day:

TV Guy 1: “Laziness breeds ingenuity.”

TV Guy 2 (laughing): “Yeah, laziness is the mother of ingenuity.”

Of course, Lisa was quick to point out that these guys were pretty much right on the money.

But I digest. (How many of you will get this joke?)

Friday was another so-called off day. No games. Basketball practices weren’t even open. Just a few press conferences to attend.

Oh yeah, and another A1 story to write. Of course, I wasn’t told this until about noon Friday.

I had to come up with something for the front page. Anything — as long as it’s something about the WSU basketball team off the court.

So, somewhat in response to SportsLink blog readers asking questions and also due to the fact we hadn’t covered it yet, I wrote about how many of the Cougars are devout — devout — Christians, and how it translates to the basketball court.

Of course, I also produced two videos yesterday — one about WSU fans, including players’ family members, at the NCAA tournament, and one simple one from Friday’s press conferences. I worked 10 hours, and I guarantee that’s more than Vince Grippi (beat writer) and John Blanchette (columnist) combined.

But it got me this e-mail from my editor:

Subject: Nice job

Really good story this morning. Those can be tough to write. Excellent job putting in discussion about potential conflicts. The end was the best.
Way to go.

Links: Christianity story. WSU fans video. Press conference video (with better — i.e. not clipping — audio).

Today — Saturday — is the big day. The Cougars taking on Notre Dame, a team that’s seeded lower in the tournament but ranked higher nationally. A game that could end the Cougars’ season or extend it into a realm — the Sweet 16 — Washington State basketball has never seen.

Coming soon (3:40 p.m. PDT), on CBS!


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