The mile-high city
March 19, 2008, 11:28 pm
Filed under: Down Time


DENVER — For as little of it I’ve seen, Denver seems really nice. It’s got the Rockies on one side (and I don’t know what on the other). The downtown is very clean and feels safe. The buildings are tall (a prerequisite for cities, for me) and the streets are wide. There’s a cool streetcar that rolls through (though it blares its fake bell noises at night), and downtown’s not one huge traffic jam.

The airport, however, seems like it’s in Nebraska. (By the way, that’s weird to think Colorado borders Nebraska and Kansas. It seems farther west than that.) The airport is also huge. At Brian’s request, I took audio of the airport tram’s ridiculous music.

Click here to listen. (Sorry, you have to download it first.)

Also, I cannot promise that I’ll do a Where I Work video from Denver, only because I cannot promise I’ll have enough time. I’ll try to do some extra video Thursday at Pepsi Center, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to. And if the Cougars lose, I most likely won’t be going back to the arena Friday.


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