Welcome to Staples Center
March 12, 2008, 10:00 pm
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Me at Staples

LOS ANGELES — This evening I ventured into the fortress known as Staples Center, where the Pac-10 tournament is being held. I will say more on my yet-to-be-edited Where I Work video for the arena, but here are some tidbits.
Media room

  • The security is nuts. At the media door, we had to go through a metal detector before showing our credentials to every single event official we passed.
  • The media rooms are huge. Yes, that’s plural. There’s the big post-game interview room, a separate work room, a darkroom for video editing and a media dining area for the free food they give us. Tonight they were serving chicken or beef fajitas.
  • Up top

  • Staples Center is huge. Wikipedia says its basketball capacity is 19,000, but the place seems much bigger than that. Earlier this evening I estimated it at 40,000. I was way off.
  • It’s also modern as hell. It opened just nine years ago, so that figures. Very nice, not run-down yet.
  • The media seating inside the arena is hit-and-miss. We at the Spokesman lucked out and got a courtside table, though on the baseline, but some outlets got tables a few rows up the bleachers. I looked on the media key and it looks like the Evergreen got gypped.
  • Board

  • Did I mention the security? When I was going around with my camcorder, I got stopped numerous times — and they were inconsistent. One woman said I couldn’t film there, but the man she then whispered to as I was walking by later came over to tell me filming wasn’t a problem. Then I went out to the court with my camera, and the people there were saying I needed a Staples Center escort with me. Make up your minds, people.
  • Spotlights

  • Even the stuff outside is breathtaking. The picture to the right is of some Times Square-esque video towers at the L.A. Convention Center. There were also about a half-billion spotlights shining up in the air, but you can’t see them too well in this photo.

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This was a cool post. Never thought about behind the scenes at the SC.

March Madness begins today! Woohoo!!!

Comment by Clif

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