1,000 miles later
March 11, 2008, 3:44 pm
Filed under: Travel

TowersLOS ANGELES — I’m writing this post from my 21st-floor hotel room at the Westin Bonaventure, which is smack-dab in the middle of downtown. It’s a beautiful day here, at least in the 70s and sunny, only marred by the thick layer of orange smog that perpetually blankets Los Angeles.

The top two pictures to the left are the view from my hotel room.

In 30 minutes, I will be meeting my aunt and uncle for a Courtyarddrink before grabbing some dinner with them and some family friends (my godfather and his wife). Those are my plans for tonight; tomorrow is a different story, since the Cougars do not play tomorrow.

Other than nearly missing my flight from Spokane to Portland (I got a late start leaving Pullman, probably due to the delicious breakfast you can see below), in my haste through the Spokane airport I left my keys at the security checkpoint. I didn’t notice it until I was waiting for my flight WSU planefrom Portland to LAX. Rest assured, I just called Spokane International and they have my keys.

At the Portland airport was Horizon’s new WSU plane, at left. (The Washington one was also there, though parked out of the way near a hangar, and the Oregon State plane was in Spokane.)

By the way, LAX is a complete zoo. It took me forever to figure out where to catch my SuperShuttle and catch one going downtown. Of course, since it’s a shared-van service, it took more than an hour to get to the Westin because we had to drop off the other passengers first.

I’ve been to L.A. plenty of times, but its vast expanse blows me away every time. To get downtown, we took three freeways — Highway 1, the 105 and the 110 — before getting off on Figueroa Boulevard (or street or avenue or whatever). Once here, though, I realized the Westin Bonaventure is one of the deluxe downtown hotels — the lobby itself is breathtaking. I’ll take some video sometime this week.


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