Way to go, guys
March 7, 2008, 12:13 pm
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I just spent the entire morning reading articles and columns about the WSU basketball team’s seniors and how they have turned around the program in four years. But I am proud to say that the package that moved me the most was in today’s Daily Evergreen. (Bud Withers’ column in the Times was also a great read.) Mike Feigen, the DE’s sports editor, had the brilliant idea (if it wasn’t his idea, please correct me) of having Cougars fans write in to the Evergreen and publishing what they had to say to the seniors. (This particular article is not uploaded to the web, though Mikey Baldwin’s obligatory seniors story is.) While it would have been nice to see more fans respond, and possibly with shorter comments, I think the package ultimately says more about this team than any of the other articles could have.

The front of the special Evergreen sports section this morning is what made me smile really wide. (I would link to it, but the pages also aren’t uploaded — ahem, Melanie and Brian.) It’s a photo montage of not just the three main seniors — Robbie Cowgill, Derrick Low and Kyle Weaver — but also Chris Henry and Jeremy Cross. Very classy. And watching over them isn’t just Tony Bennett, but also Dick Bennett. It was a great suggestion that these miracle seasons aren’t just about Robbie, Derrick, Kyle and Tony, but about Dick’s contribution and how hard Chris and Jeremy work behind the scenes.

Oh, also they have a fantastic photo of Kyle sporting an afro a few years ago.

Anyway, I thought I’d give some much-deserved props to the Evergreen and all its editors.

EDIT: My contribution to this story of the seniors will be an extra video Saturday. In addition to my usual post-game stuff, I’ll be shooting courtside to make a video on the seniors.

EDIT 2: For the record, I guess I should mention that while I liked the content of the Evergreen’s sports section today, the layout was less appealing. The back page — where the readers’ e-mails are — has unattributed pictures from four years ago (should be labeled as so) that break up the text in awkward spots that make the page difficult to read. Someone, who shall remain anonymous, actually thought Derrick Low got his hair cut — but it was just a four-year-old picture.


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Hey Nick, I would be interested in a RSS feed on your stories, not the comments. Do you have one set up? Couldn’t spot it. Sorry if I missed it.

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