Wrapping up in the Tri Cities
March 3, 2008, 12:57 am
Filed under: Basketball, Challenge

KENNEWICK — It was a decidedly different evening for interviewing. Both the CCS men’s and women’s teams lost. The women took it in stride, because they never expected to even make it to the NWAACC championship game. The men broke down afterward (they lost by one point, playing to the last second). It all made for some very emotional moments and, hence, interesting interviews.

First of all, here are my men’s and women’s deadline stories. (They both made it to the web, thankfully, though cut-down a tad.)

I finally talked to Ashlee Michelson, the Sasquatch’s leading scorer who got injured Friday and was my fodder for yesterday’s lead (toward the bottom of this post). I felt kinda weird this afternoon having written about her but not having interviewed her. She glanced at me a few times while her team was warming up, so I can only assume her coach pointed me out to her so she knew who was writing about her. Anyway, through tears she gave me some great quotes after their loss, but it was a difficult interview because she was crying.

As for the men, coach Mike Burns’ interview was fine but decidedly different from the others. (See my post on his high-fiving.) I asked to talk to Spokane’s leading scorer tonight, Jon Clift, but he didn’t want to. Jordan Gregg stepped up and gave me some short, but good, quotes. Stuff like: “It’s kind of a shock. I don’t know. I don’t know what happened.” While simple and obvious, I think that quote wraps up how the team was feeling after their 30-win dream season snapped.

Anyway, check-out time at my hotel is noon, so I’ll be out of Kennewick by midday. It’ll be nice to get back to Pullman.


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